Who we are

The European Textile Service Association's purpose is to promote the interests, priorities and concerns of the textile service industry, in cooperation with our member companies and national associations. Our objective is to influence policies on the European level as well as serving as a platform to discuss best practices. ETSA also monitors and responds to developing EU legislation in order to ensure the interests of the textile industry are represented.

Who we represent

Our valued Members consist of both textile service and rented textile companies as well as National Textile Associations. While our cliental is diverse and have different perspectives, their input is valued to both us, and relevant EU policy makers. Many of our member firms serve as pillars to local communities, providing both jobs and an essential service.

Why work with the European Textile Service Association?

ETSA Membership has numerous benefits, including access to strategic information concerning EU legislation, contact with ETSA working groups, firsthand developments from the textile services industry, as well as top of the line service to ensure the particular and specific needs of your firm are met on the EU and ultimately International stage.